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Incense and Altars

Beloved as we pressed into prayer for you, you who are the precious Divine Appointment of my heart, we could see you in such major life changes. Uprooted in the deepest places of security and what has been so familiar, moving on to what even Heaven whispers is so much better for you. We saw as we prayed that what is ahead of you will not compare in goodness and richness, than what you have left behind. Uncertainty is the essence of faith, and is the joy and pleasure of G-d’s heart to see. (Heb 11:6) To see that you trust Him upon these uncharted waters. Walking with Him on these waters of faith. (2 Cor 5:7)

As we prayed into this next step in your journey we were taken by the spiritual awakening that has thus far been ever increasing, but at this next step, next level, will really take on a whole deeply meaningful expression. We saw Incense and Altars…daily beautiful, sacred, a manifestation. It, at first came from a well spring of gratitude for your new place in life, but then the dailiness of it took on a life of its own. A daily Breaking of Bread with the Lord, and sharing sweet fellowship with Him. It was transparent, real, authentic, nothing being held back. You were drenched in His Love and you were loving this consecrated time. The practice of your sharing your heart with G-d deeply affected you, enriching, filling up former empty places of your heart that you didn’t even feel were empty. There was something so sacred about the stillness, about the silence. But it wasn’t an empty silence, it was filled with the Breath of G-d, with His Presence and your Knower was filled with Knowing. You were being embraced by heavenly Wisdom Itself…(do make reading Proverbs a daily meditation to feed this manifestation of Wisdom in your Being)…You are being drawn into a truly succulent Life and all who knew you before can see that you are so filled with overflowing Peace. Your face looks 10 years younger. It’s as if your soul has finally found its place, its pace, its fuel.

Beloved I don’t know what is happening next, but I do know that what hellishness you have thus far endured is about to be met by your Savior and He is bringing you into a place in life that will go above and beyond all that you could have asked or thought (Eph 3:20). What will be the fruit of this? You are not the Dead Sea that water only flows in, but not out. No, you will be sought after, people will desire to know this Light that glistens from you. You are so inwardly illuminated like a heavenly fragrance that you want to enjoy more of, people will be drawn to you. It will not be overwhelming, it will be utterly pleasant. There will be a divine fluidity to your movements, a grace that gently glides through your life, coming from the well spring of your times of Incense and Altars. Will life be without challenges? No, but as a Contemplative, one who steps back from the frenetic energy, the drama of what is going on around them and observes in order to receive Wisdom, you will be better equipped to handle all challenges and make stormy seas placid.

Beloved if you can articulate something that is so holy that is happening to you, I would love to share in your Bliss. Let me know! It’s a blessing to me that we are on this journey together!

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