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A Simple Prayer When Struggling In Relationships

Beloved, I’m posting this Gentle Whisper from this morning (Friday April 10) here in the hope and with my prayer, that it may be used as a springboard to help you pray for relationships in your life that might be strained during this season. Perhaps the prayer and including the transcript of the Whisper may help recenter your heart if you find yourself stuck. I pray that you are deeply blessed with even greater revelation as you pray and read…

Transcript of Gentle Whispers from Friday April 10

Beloved as we were praying for you we were aware of the strain in relationships. We began our prayer here…praying that the Lord would intervene and bring healing to relationships, especially during this season that has already strained so many people by limitations in finances, freedoms to come and go, as we once did. As we prayed we could see that the enemy was using this season to cause people to SEE or EXPERIENCE the weaknesses of others and almost force us, taunt us, baiting us onto that slippery slope of the sin of judgment, found in Matt 7:1, to find fault, criticize, condemn, to over look the log in our own eye and fixate rather on the speck in family or friends eye. What we heard was a prayer to Pray, a request to make of the Lord concerning this pressurized environment we have found ourselves thrust into lately…

The Prayer is this:

Father G-d, please help me. Please Heal my mind. Whatever thoughts that are not of love or are not loving, or lovely, by Your Grace Father draw my thoughts back into the mind of Christ, to think thoughts that are full of compassion, grace, mercy, forgiveness, full of love. Touch my heart Lord, touch my mind and enable me to flow again from Your Holy Center within me, the Core of Love. Enable me to see others virtues (Phil. 4:8), their beauty, their strengths again. Open my eyes to see with the eyes of love. And if I have been controlling, manipulative, greedy for their time, the affections of others or if my pride or arrogance has reared up and I started looking to others to meet my needs, please forgive me and wash me anew in the Blood of Christ…renew a right spirit within me…I surrender to You, Father G-d, thru my Lord Jesus Christ and ask that by your Holy Spirit within me that You would enable me to have a new perception of the people and their personal burdens and struggles they are under spiritually and emotionally at this time. Help me to see what they are going through. Help me to see the inner pain they are suffering with, so I can pray for them with a pure intercession…In Jesus Name We ask…

Beloved, a shift in how we see others and how we see situations is a choice. A free will choice, we can take time to pray for others and reflect selflessly, reflect upon the log in our own eye, and meditate, focus our hearts and minds back on Love…how we are ourselves first and foremost as loved by G-d (Truly soak in His Love to heal your own heart) and how we are enabled by G-d to then to give love and be loving towards people. You have to know that you are loved by G-d in order to truly love with a selfless, unconditional love for others. The scripture says in 1 John 4:19 that we love, because G-d first loved us.

When we delve into “sensing” or “stirring up” the thoughts of compassion, asking the Lord to enable us to comprehend the burdens and struggles that family or friends are going through, especially those who have frustrated or even wounded us, we open ourselves up to understanding. We open ourselves up to humility. We simply do not know the warfare that is attacking their minds right now or what is actually triggering them to experience inner torments, baiting them to respond poorly towards us. So step back as a Contemplative and look upon people and situations from the Mind of Christ. Compassion is to feel someone’s pain, as if it were our own. We are presently in a season to grow in the nobility of heart in the realm of compassion, we are in the season of giving love unconditional, giving mercy, grace, forgiveness. We are committing ourselves to see people and situations through the filter of G-d’s Love. Through this time we are cultivating the noble heart, a valiant depth of character, and we are coming forth as sanctified warriors, knowing that we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against the enemies of the Cross of Christ. And they are looking to steal, kill and destroy our Christ likeness and our relationships. Remember to war with the Word of G-d and speak forth the Word as a sword of the Spirit and say “It is Written”, as Jesus taught us to do in Matthew 4:4…and know that we are here praying over you and your relationships…

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