Live stream made possible in memory of WWII Veteran Rudolph Pari 

Saturday Feb. 6, 2021

Meditative thought – “Everyday I am receiving Daily Bread from my Lord. I recognize and write down His Seed Words and Holy Impressions to meet me and I implant them deeply and safely within my heart, and meditate upon them daily to renew my mind. Here they change my heart and mind and come forth from my mouth to create what G-d intends, or as a sword of G-d’s Spirit against the enemy”

Scriptures to Contemplate

Mark 4:15   Matt. 6:11   Rev. 12:12   Daniel 7:25   Psalm 107:20   Luke 2:19   Luke 2:51   Eph. 6   Matt. 13:12   Rom. 8:6-14   Matt. 4:4

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