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Meditations of the Beloved program with Tess

Saturday July 3, 2021

Meditative thought – “I am awakened to His love for me and even now I am being guided by His Spirit” Scriptures to Contemplate      Song of Songs Chapter 2 verses 10 – 14 Hits: 6

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Saturday June 26, 2021

Meditative thought – “I possess an expectation of the supernatural. I am so aware and open to G-d blessing me with His Best; suddenly, wonderfully out of the blue. G-d’s Good is coming to me! I’m expecting the unexpected. I’m excited to see something special is on its way from G-d to me! Scriptures to Contemplate Zechariah 9:12    Romans 15:13    Jeremiah 29:11    Job 42: 10 & 12 Hits: 1

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Saturday June 19, 2021

Meditative thought – “I have the Wisdom from G-d that I ask for concerning what is the next step for me. I am open to a “no”. I am blessed when the Lord says “no”, this door is not open to me. And I am blessed when He says “wait”, for I know I am being Divinely Protected. I know that G-d is guiding me. I know that even in dreams & visions the right path will be made known to me, and open doors from G-d will never shut”. Scriptures to Contemplate 1 Thes. 2:18 – 3:2,   Acts 16:6-9,  

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Saturday June 12, 2021

Meditative thought – “Everyday I am receiving Daily Bread from my Lord. I recognize and write down His Seed Words and Holy Impressions to meet me and I implant them deeply and safely within my heart, and meditate upon them daily to renew my mind. Here they change my heart and mind and come forth from my mouth to create what G-d intends, or as a sword of G-d’s Spirit against the enemy” Scriptures to Contemplate Mark 4:15   Matt. 6:11   Rev. 12:12   Daniel 7:25   Psalm 107:20   Luke 2:19   Luke 2:51   Eph. 6   Matt. 13:12   Rom. 8:6-14   Matt. 4:4

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Saturday June 5, 2021

Meditative thought – “G-d is moving in my life right now and always. He is providing me with His Wisdom, guidance and the best path for my life. All things are possible with G-d. He’s making a way where there seems to be no way for me to jump in. His path of Peace is illuminated ever before me”. Scriptures to Contemplate Ephesians 2:10    Romans 11:29   Hits: 0

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Saturday May 29, 2021

Meditative thought – “I step back from the emotions of the past and embrace G-d’s Peace. I look upon my past experiences as opportunities for the Holy Spirit to reshape how I see myself. I now reflect upon the beauty of who I am in Christ. My eyes are now open to see how G-d sees me and how greatly He loves me”. Scriptures to Contemplate        Hebrews 13:20-22 Hits: 0

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