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Welcome to Tess’s Blog

Greetings of His Peace, Beloved! I say this with the fullness of my heart…I’ve craved true, real, lasting Peace since my birth, or at least its felt that way! So when I breath out this blessing of His Peace as I’m sitting here in front of my computer praying for you, I feel the energy of His Peace going forth to find you. Receive His Peace as you read this, wrapped in His love and mine.
I’m starting this blog, almost reluctantly. I’ve been a quiet, private person since my beginnings. Peter, my husband, a beautiful, humble man of G-d is the talker, the man with the vision, G-d speaks to him in dreams…but me, I’ve always longed for the contemplative, the cloistered, the sacred; I love the mysteries of G-d. My heart seeks out the Fear of the Lord, and I live in the sacredness of that realm…Incense, holy fire, to truly comprehend the Sacred. My hearts desire has been to be a “monk-ette”, to live in a monastery. In my heart G-d is the beauty of fragrant oils, frankincense, myrrh and ancient music, the dark hues of scarlet and tapestry. He has been The Voice within me since I gave my life to Christ, which always whispers words so full of love, such noble words, wisdom beyond my comprehension. He’s never quick to speak though, I think He’s always trying to get me to be more like Him in that way. He’s quiet, The Presence that is always there, even when He doesn’t speak…and I always know in my “knower” that He’s lowering Himself to explain things to me in tenderness and patience beyond my understanding, as a loving Father to a small cherished child. Because of this I’m always aware that I’m simply, and beautifully just His child, nothing more, nothing less. Ready to listen, to learn, to be corrected, forgiven, and loved. And I wouldn’t want it any other way. If I could sum up my Journey, thus far, it has been Ancient Paths and Sacred Passages…G-ds Ways are the Ancient Paths, there are unfolding seasons and lessons filled with His Wisdom…and these illuminations have shone brilliantly in the dark nights of my journey, as they have for you as well. He was and is always, always, always here with me, there with you…quietly, like the Ancient One He is. He is All Knowing, All Powerful and Ever, Ever Present…And I am completely and utterly in love with Him.

In this blog let’s journey together…let’s appreciate the ancient paths of G-d’s Ways and learn from every sacred passage we go thru, gleaning all the wisdom we can garner. The journey was meant to be shared…we were meant to walk together with Him…wee lambs, huddled together, and dear to His heart…we are His, and He is ours…and we are one.

(p.s. from Pete – For those wondering why God is spelled “G-d” by Tess throughout her writings, it is deliberate. From the time Tess received Christ she has always had a very reverential and loving view of God. So just as the ancient Jews would not spell out the Name of God in reverence of Him, Tess has always done the same. It is one of the ways that she honors, respects and loves Him.)

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