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Worship Video

Here is a great video one of our listeners, Jim Wenrich, sent me that I just loved and wanted to share with you. It’s Elevation Worship teaming up with Maverick City for the song “Talking To Jesus”. Enjoy.

Here is a worship video from Bethel Church from 2014. Always awesome to hear Jenn Johnson, but how impressive is it to have Kari Jobe as your backup singer! Be blessed listening to “Come To Me”.

This is from back in 2017 but what a wonderful worship experience with Hillsong Worship as they minister with the song “Your Word”.

If you know someone with cancer or you yourself are fighting cancer, watch this worship video with Jenn Johnson and Beni Johnson as they worship and minister directly against cancer. Be blessed. Be healed. In the Name of Jesus and by His Blood and the stripes on His back.

This is a really awesome video of Big Daddy Weave not only performing their #1 song “Redeemed”, but also it starts off with great testimony and ministry from lead singer Mike Weaver.

The power of hymns never diminishes. Here is Jeremy Riddle performing “Blessed Assurance”.

Here is a beautiful rendition of the hymn “Jesus Paid It All” by Kim Walker-Smith

This is such a moving worship song with a very special guest. here are Keith and Kristyn Getty performing at the 2018 “Sing!” conference. The song is “My Dwelling Place”. The special guest is the legendary Phil Keaggy. Enjoy.

Here is an absolutely amazing video of a new worship song that God used to bring a miracle healing to a little boy. The video starts off with Jonathan Helser sharing the testimony of how the song came about. Here is Jonathan & Melissa Helser at Bethel Church and the anointed song “Raise A Hallelujah”.

This is a new song from Hillsong Worship recorded at a 2018 worship concert. Here is “New Wine”.

Here is another great time of worship with United Pursuit featuring Brock Human. This is “Never Going Back”.

We played this song on The Fortress when it first came out and instantly became one of my favorites. If you are in need of healing in any form please listen to this over and over if you have to, to get the truth of these amazing lyrics into your heart. I really believe this is an important song. River Valley Worship and “I Am Healed”.

Here is another great worship video from 2015 courtesy of United Pursuit. “Simple Gospel”.

Here is the video of a beautiful song with an awesome message from United Pursuit featuring Brandon Hampton. Their 2015 release “Since Your Love”.

The more I hear from Iron Bell Music the more I love the music God is releasing through them. Here is Iron Bell Music featuring Stephen McWhirter with the song “God That Saves”.

It never ceases to amaze me the amount of incredible worship music and worship teams that are out there. Just found this church/group out of Dallas called Upper Room. Here they are performing live the song “Defender”. Cool stuff.

Here is a great video from Vertical Worship performing “Spirit Of The Living God”. Be blessed.

It really is overwhelming the ever growing number of anointed worshipers and worship bands that God is bringing forth. Here is Kalley Heiligenthal ministering her song “Spirit Move” while people are being baptized right on stage!

There are so many amazing worship groups out ministering right now and one of them is Elevation Worship. Here is the video of their song that we play on the Fortress, “O Come To The Altar”.

Here is a great rendition by Amanda Cook of the song “So Will I”, written by members of Hillsong United.

This is an amazing video and testimony that you have to watch all the way through. Tess found this and it features Jeremy Riddle and Steffany Gretzinger, but also in the middle an amazing statement about the song by Pastor Bill Johnson. Keep a box of tissues close by. You will need them.

One of the Worship Leaders that Tess and I are so blessed by is Steffany Gretzinger. She has an absolutely amazing heart for God and it is evident in this video of her ministering the song “Reckless Love”. Enter into the Presence of God through this awesome time of Worship.

Kristene DiMarco has a new CD out that we are playing in our Current Music category on The Fortress as well as seeing the video of her new song on the Current Music page on this web-site. But I found a video of her ministering a beautiful song from a couple of years ago. Here is Kristene DiMarco and “Jesus, Your Love”.

It is always awesome and exciting to find incredible young talent, especially when they are in your backyard! Charisah Cleath ministers from her home base of Harrisburg, Pa and truly has a passion for Jesus. That is evident in her debut CD “Illuminate” which we have played several songs from on the Fortress. Here is the music video of the title track “Illuminate”. Really looking forward to future releases.

One of the most amazing voices in Worship music right now is Kari Jobe. Plus she has had great success in Contemporary Christian music. Here she is live in a worship concert with Gateway Worship ministering the song “Worship The Great I AM”.

Crowder had a recent hit song called “My Victory”. Here they are performing it in concert. Amazing lyrics.

Here is a beautiful video of Matt Redman performing an acoustic version of the song “Gracefully Broken” from the top of the Capitol Records Tower. Very moving, plus after the song he talks about the creation of the song as well as how to actually play the song. Sit quietly and receive the Love of God.

We are currently playing a song in our Current Music rotation by Bryan & Katie Torwalt called “World Of Grace” from a new solo project called “Champion”. Normally they are a part of Jesus Culture and I found a video of a song from Jesus Culture’s new CD entitled “Love Has A Name”. Here is a beautiful studio rendition of “Flood The Earth” by Jesus Culture featuring Bryan & Katie Torwalt.

Here is the video of a song we played on the Fortress when it first came out. Be blessed by the passion of Jonathan & Melissa Helser as they minister to the Lord with the song “No Longer A Slave To Fear”.

Our latest video is once again from Bethel Church in California. There is amazing worship coming from them and this one is no exception. Here is Steffany Gretzinger and Jeremy Riddle with “King Of My Heart”. It is intense.

We head to Australia for live worship at a Hillsong Worship Conference in Sydney. Here is “What A Beautiful Name”.

The first video I am posting is an amazing video of live worship from Bethel Church in California featuring Jenn Johnson singing “Mention of Your Name”. We had this posted on our Current Music page a few months ago, but when the song came off our charts we pulled the video off. It is now back on our Worship Videos page. Enter in and be blessed!

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