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Video of the Day – I know a lot of you love my “Vintage Vinyl” feature weekday mornings at 7:40. That is why I created this web page called “Vintage Video”. I will try and find and post videos from your favorite Christian artists from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. Enjoy this wonderful video of B.J. Thomas.


Here is a great “Vintage Vinyl” I know you all remember. Carman’s classic “Satan, Bite The Dust”!

Here is the latest installment of my “Vintage Video” series. Its a much more recent performance by Bob Bennett of his 1986 classic “Come and See”. Enjoy.

Here is an absolutely beautiful “Vintage Video” from an early live concert with Amy Grant featuring Michael W. Smith on piano. Get ready to feel some “God bumps” up your arms 🙂

I am so glad I found this video for you from one of the most influential Christian artists, Keith Green.

For all of you 80’s Christian rockers, here is a classic video from Petra!

Here is a great video from the mid 1980’s with the legendary group, The Imperials

Here is a video from one of Christian music’s most popular duos. DeGarmo & Key. Enjoy!

This is a great video from a 1997 program of the 700 Club. Its Twila Paris singing her hit “I Am Not Afraid Anymore” and she is backed up by the group Avalon. Pretty cool combination!

When Tess and I got saved in 1985 one of my early musical favorites was the duo Harvest. Here they are from a 1988 concert. Enjoy!

Here is a classic from one of the best selling contemporary artists of all time. The 1992 release from Steven Curtis Chapman, “The Great Adventure”.

Here is a live performance of Rich Mullins’ classic “Sometimes By Step” with a heartfelt monologue by Rich to set up the song. You are really going to be blessed with his heart and sincerity.


One of the things I love and appreciate are awesome harmonies and there aren’t many better examples than The 2nd Chapter of Acts. Here they are in concert performing “Night Light”.

Here is an amazing “story video”. It is not a performance video or produced music video, but rather a video that tells the story of this song by Benny Hester. This is a track that was literally lost for 44 years and has been recovered and restored. The story you are about to read during this video is really amazing.

A lot of you love the song “Waiting For You” by the group Everyday Joe, with lead vocals by Bryan Duncan. Well, Bryan had a great number of hits in the 80’s and 90’s and here is one of his #1 hits “Love You With My Life”

If you like the previous video by Bryan Duncan then you will love this 1979 hit by the Sweet Comfort Band. That is a very young Bryan Duncan on keyboards and vocals.

Thrilled to post a “Vintage Video” from one of my favorite vocal groups, Newsong. This is an awesome live performance of their classic “Arise My Love” performed at the 1999 National Religious Broadcasters Convention.

Here is a rare video of ’80s and early ’90s singer Leslie Phillips live at the 1985 Dove Award. Enjoy!

The hugely popular duet Out Of The Grey had an album released in 1995 called “Gravity”. Here is the video of the title track “Gravity”.

Here is the music video from Margaret Becker’s 1991 release “Keep My Mind”. She has such an effortlessly strong and beautiful voice.

Here is the 3rd and final piece of the puzzle honoring the trio Ashton, Becker, Dente. Above is a video of Christine Dente with Out Of The Grey, and then a video of Margaret Becker. Now, here is the video of Susan Ashton’s hit from 1992, “Here In My Heart”. Enjoy.

I cannot believe I found this video! Its from the late 80’s of a BBC Special hosted by Cliff Richard. His special guest is none other than one of the founders of contemporary Christian music, Larry Norman.  Enjoy their live duet!

Here is a concert video of the amazing trio First Call and there incredible harmonies. The song they are performing is from the 1989 “Young Messiah” CD.

Time to rock out with the awesome unique vocals of Kim Hill. This is a concert video from 1992 at The Creation Festival. Maybe you were actually there to see this live!

Here is live concert footage of Wayne Watson singing his classic “Friend Of A Wounded Heart”. The song is from the 1987 album “Watercolor Ponies. The album was awarded “Album of the Year” in 1988 and then the song won “Song of the Year” in 1989. Pretty impressive.

Here is a concert video of Michael Card performing his 1984 hit “Why”. Beautiful song and guitar work.

This isn’t really a “vintage” video since it is only from 2013, but it is just so amazing to see Michael Card and John Michael Talbot perform together. Watching their guitar work while performing their duet “One Faith” is so cool.

Here is a live concert version of the classic from Larnelle Harris and Sandi Patti, “I’ve Just Seen Jesus”. The powerful vocal duet is something amazing to experience. Enjoy.

Here is a video from arguably the best female vocal group of all time, Point Of Grace. This is a performance of the hit “Keep The Candle Burning” from the 1997 Dove Awards.

I have always loved great harmonies, just like the previous video from Point Of Grace. Here is another awesome example from the trio Philips, Craig & Dean as they perform their classic, “You Are God Alone”.

Well I seem to be on a run with amazing vocal groups. In this video it took the crowd about 2 notes to guess the song and start applauding. Here is the debut song from the the incredible quartet 4HIM, “Where There Is Faith”. The song was released in 1990. Not sure when the concert video is from.

We just added a new song to our “current music” from a band called “The Union Of Sinners & Saints” which is made up of members from 2 legendary groups, Petra and Whiteheart. So I thought an appropriate Vintage Video to post would be from the group Whiteheart. Here they are in concert performing their classic “Seventy Times Seven”.

Here is concert footage from a 2005 New Year’s Eve concert featuring Rebecca St. James singing one of her hits “Power Of Your Love”.

Clay Crosse had a lot of hits in the 1990’s. Here is a big song for him from the 1994 CD “My Place Is With You”. Enjoy “I Surrender All”.

Men, if you ever went to a Promise Keepers event (either with one of our bus trips or on our own) this will bring back such warm, fond memories. Here is classic worship from a 1990’s Promise Keepers stadium event.

I have always loved the gift of worship that comes through Dennis Jernigan. Here is a unique bi-lingual concert version of his classic “If I Could Just Sit With You Awhile”.

This 1995 hit by Jars Of Clay has always been one of my favorites by them. Here is a live concert performance of “Love Song For A Savior”.

Well, I played this on the air for fun because I hadn’t heard it in forever. Never thought I would get the response I did from listeners! So I thought I would add the video here. This is a rare black & white music video and it DEFINITELY has a late 60’s early 70’s feel to it. Norman Greenbaum’s “Spirit In The Sky”. Enjoy!

I guess I am on a “Jesus Movement” run. From Norman Greenbaum’s “Spirit in the Sky”, we go to another really popular song that did very well on the secular pop charts. I know anyone as old as me 🙂  will remember this classic by Ocean – “Put Your Hand In The Hand”.

The Jesus Movement theme continues with this cool video featuring the music of Larry Norman and a slide show of pictures from the era. I really think you will enjoy it, especially if you were not from that era and have never had a visual perspective of what happened in the late 60’s and early 70’s in this amazing move of God.

Here is some great ministry and concert footage of Mylon Lefevre & Broken Heart performing the 1983 classic “More”.

Well this is technically not a “vintage video” but since Billy Graham turned 98 the other day (11/7/16) I thought it would be great to post a video of the tribute song “Hero Of The Faith”. This live version from a Gaither concert.

Here is the music video from the legendary duet of BeBe & CeCe Winans. It’s there hit from 1991, “It’s OK”.

2004 might not seem old enough for “Vintage” videos, but hey, it is 12 years old. Here is a great concert performance by the Newsboys of “Blessed Be Your Name” from their “Devotion” CD.

Here is a live video from 1993 of one of the most popular Worship Leaders in the 80’s and 90’s, and still going strong today. This is Kent Henry from one of his Worship Conferences in 1993.

Here is a music video produced for TBN (that’s why TBN’s phone number is on the screen) of Rob Frazier’s 1992 hit “This Town”. Always liked this song. Great message still for today.

This is a wonderful duet by 2 of the legends of Christian music. This is from a couple of years ago, but it is Amy Grant and Sandi Patty performing Amy’s 80’s classic “El Shaddai”. Enjoy!

20 years ago back in 1996 Sarah Masen put out her debut self-titled CD. It was produced by Charlie Peacock. Here is her big hit from that CD, “All Fall Down”.

Debbie Reynolds, one of the great Ladies of Hollywood passed on December 28th, just a day after her daughter Carrie Fisher. Just thought I would add a video of one of her signature routines from the 1952 classic MGM musical “Singing In The Rain”. Here is Debbie with fellow legends Gene Kelly and Donald O’Connor with “Good Morning”.

Found this great video of Andre Crouch from 1975 at a Billy Graham Crusade in New Mexico. Enjoy!

Marilyn McCoo had a really successful secular music career with the 5th Dimension and then as a duo with her husband Billy Davis Jr. Here is the video of her Christian hit from 1991 “Did We Forget About Love”.

Here is the music video from 1995 of DC Talk’s classic “Between You And Me”.

Here is the 1995 hit by Big Tent Revival “Two Sets Of Jones”.

Jackie Velasquez had a big hit in 1996 with the song (Un Lugar Celestial (A Heavenly Place)”. Here is a much more recent concert video of her performing that song. Enjoy!

here is a real treat for you. 1987 concert footage of The Winans performing “Tomorrow”.

This is only the 2nd “secular” Vintage Video I have ever posted, but for some reason I was so emotionally moved by the innocence of the song and the response of the audience, I had to post it. Whether you are old enough to remember it or not I truly hope your heart is warmed by Peter, Paul & Mary with “Puff, The Magic Dragon” live during their reunion tour a number of years ago.

One of the bands that we don’t have in our “on-air” library on the Fortress is Brush Arbor, but we do feature them periodically with our “Vintage Vinyl” feature during the Morning Show. Here is a great video of them performing a Bluegrass/Gospel Medley on the Johnny Cash Special on NBC back in 1973.

An amazing move of God took place for years at the Brownsville Revival in Florida. Here is a video of Worship Leader Lindell Cooley live at one of the Revival services performing “I See The Lord”.

Here is another group that we feature on the Fortress Morning Show feature “Vintage Vinyl”, Daniel Amos had a song back in 1984 called “Sanctuary”. Here they are performing it live in concert from back in 2011. Enjoy.

I found a really cool video I know you will love, and also that some of you might have witnessed in person. This is 1989 concert footage of the Phil Keaggy Band at the Creation Festival. Enjoy!

Since I just shared scripture from Ecclesiates Chapter 3 I thought it was perfect timing to share a concert Vintage Video from The Byrds and their adaptation of that passage into the hit song from 1965, “Turn, Turn, Turn”.

This is one of the most unique videos I have ever posted. It features Dan Peek (formerly of the group America) along with his former America band mate Gerry Beckley as well as Chris Christian in the studio discussing the production of Dan Peek’s future hit “Doer Of The Word”. To hear them talking about the process and the impromptu harmonies is really cool. This was taken in the early 80’s. It starts slow but is definitely worth watching to the end. Enjoy.

Helen Baylor had numerous hits in the 1990’s and one of them was “Can You Reach My Friend”. Here is concert footage from 1994 with the beautifully soulful voice of Helen Baylor performing that song.

Here is a very special video featuring one of the early voices of Contemporary Christian music; Honeytree. It is from her 1993 20th Anniversary CD release called Pioneer. Here she is performing “Pioneer” in a very intimate setting.

With today being Memorial Day I thought a perfect Vintage Video to post would be the unlikely #1 hit from 1966 by Sgt. Barry Sadler and the “Ballad of the Green Berets”. Let us always honor those who take up defense of this country.

Back in 1995 Pam Thum had a big hit from her “Feel The Healing” CD; the heartfelt song “Life Is Hard (God Is Good)”. Enjoy the video.

One of my all-time favorite songs is “He Will Come And Save You” by Bob Fitts. The song/CD was released in 1996 but I found this much more recent intimate video with just Bob playing acoustic guitar. While I so love the produced song, this is a really beautiful rendition. Be blessed.

Back in 1996 Scott Krippayne had a big hit with “Sometimes He Calms The Storm”. Here is video of a live performance of the song. Enjoy.

In 1992 Geoff Moore & The Distance put out the album “A Friend Like You” featuring the title track which was a big hit for them. The song was co-written with Steven Curtis Chapman and he has a cameo appearance in this music video of the song. Enjoy the fun video of “A Friend Like You”!

This next video is an absolute gem! Its an appearance of the group Love Song on Kathryn Kuhlman’s TV show. It starts off with Pastor Chuck Smith of Calvary Chapel introducing the band to Kathryn and then an awesome testimony and then great music from the early 70’s. Here is Love Song performing “Welcome Back”. Enjoy!

Back in 1985 Russ Taff had the hit album “Medals”. Here is concert footage from one of the big songs off that album called “Not Gonna Bow”.

Here is a great concert performance by Keith Green in 1982 of the song “How Can They Live Without Jesus”.

In 1993 Carman put out the song “America Again”. Typically great video by Carman of this song, and so appropriate for the times we are living in right now.

With all the bus trips we have sponsored to The Brooklyn Tabernacle and the music we play on The Fortress its not hard to realize we are big fans of the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir. Now I know that 2009 is not exactly “vintage” but I searched a long time and this is one of the earliest videos I could find. From 2009 here is the world famous Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir performing a medly of “I’m Amazed” and “Amazing Grace”.

In 1995 Michael W. Smith had another hit in what seems like an endless string of incredible singles and albums. Here is one of the most popular Christian artists of all time, Michael W. Smith with “Cry For Love”.

Not sure why but I have been on a Petra binge lately. Here is the video of them performing “I Need To Hear From You” from their 1991 CD “Unseen Power”.

It is very, very rare that I post secular songs in the Vintage Videos, but felt led to post this one from 1979 of Gordon Lightfoot performing his hit song “Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald” which sank back in 1975. I don’t like the idea of people being forgotten so I really appreciate remembrance songs. Hope you enjoy it.

In 1988 Amy Grant released her 7th studio album entitled “Lead Me On”. Here is the title track “Lead Me On”.


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