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Saturday Morning Reflections

  j. patrick bowen (patrick@wkbo.net)

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Playlist 10-20-18


I wake up early most mornings. Usually before the sunrise. Often, I begin the day riding into the morning light enjoying the energy of interactive life with so many other humans. We are a unique creation, not just individually but also collectively as a species of eternal creatures abiding in often confounding temporal experiences. Someone smiles at us, acknowledges our value, and we feel good. Then, in a moment of prayer, we feel His presence and we feel loved. The experiences are inextricably connected.

Music connects us to memories. Memories are reliable records of our lives even if not always accurate of a specific historical experience. Our memories are affected by our previous subjective recall of the same base memory, building a complex, interesting portrayal of our life interactions and the thread of the eternal that runs like a spiritual blood vessel continuing to release eternal life and the Love that makes our faith operative.

“So you may dwell in me.” It is easy to forget or even act as if that truth is not a reality. Our savior, the Messiah, dwells within us. The Holy Spirit abides within us as a temple. The truth is so much more profound than what it means in moments of irritation or even rage at people with whom I do not agree. The truth of His indwelling is eternally entwined within what it means to have eternal life, born of He Who is Love. He is Love. And He chooses to dwell within us.

Enclosed by You was written by Josh White and sounds like he simply shared a transcript of a conversation he had with God. Liz Vice covers the song with the emotion of someone who identifies with that conversation. I do too. “I hear you softly speaking secrets that enclose and words that softly linger with sweet repose.” That is a nice description of our “alone” time with our Father, God. The song feels like prayer conversations I have had while driving late at night. The night air and darkness dispelled momentarily by lights coming from someone else’s homes… passing me as I continue within my life journey metaphor… It was in such moments when I dared to broach my most difficult issues with my Father, God.