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Beloved, we’ve been prayerfully exploring as your intercessors your present circumstances spiritually, economically, socially and even politically, seeking to know how the landscape of these days are impacting your life. As we have been praying and recognizing the spiritual warfare aspect of our rapidly changing times, we were led by the Lord to be more […] Read more...

Beloved, how is the news media impacting you; spirit, soul and body?? What I’ve seen from folks in my life, these news stories are all about igniting anger, outrage and fear. They don’t bring you peace, comfort; the sustenance and the succulence as does The Word and G-d’s Presence. Our thoughts are pondering the end […] Read more...

Beloved, as we were praying for you, I remembered something that happened years ago to me. I heard, “Tess Jump the track, (Get off your current mindset) you already possess all you will ever need, for life and for godliness (2 Peter 1:2-4) just know in your “knower” it’s already yours. Let it soak in, […] Read more...

Beloved, as we were in prayer for you we were made aware to pray for those who feel that the “ship has sailed” without you; that you haven’t accomplished what you had hoped to. There was a sense of regret and a feeling that at this point its probably too late. As we prayed we […] Read more...

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