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Beloved, how is the news media impacting you; spirit, soul and body?? What I’ve seen from folks in my life, these news stories are all about igniting anger, outrage and fear. They don’t bring you peace, comfort; the sustenance and the succulence as does The Word and G-d’s Presence. Our thoughts are pondering the end […] Read more...

Beloved, as we were praying for you, I remembered something that happened years ago to me. I heard, “Tess Jump the track, (Get off your current mindset) you already possess all you will ever need, for life and for godliness (2 Peter 1:2-4) just know in your “knower” it’s already yours. Let it soak in, […] Read more...

Beloved, as we were in prayer for you we were made aware to pray for those who feel that the “ship has sailed” without you; that you haven’t accomplished what you had hoped to. There was a sense of regret and a feeling that at this point its probably too late. As we prayed we […] Read more...

Beloved as we have been praying for you, especially those who have been struggling with anxieties, we saw you in our “devotional/prayer” time moving to a new place both physically and emotionally. You were expanding, to claim a newness of what you define as the Sacred in your life. There is a move of G-d […] Read more...

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