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Greetings of His Peace, Beloved! I say this with the fullness of my heart…I’ve craved true, real, lasting Peace since my birth, or at least its felt that way! So when I breath out this blessing of His Peace as I’m sitting here in front of my computer praying for you, I feel the energy […] Read more...

Beloved this is a prime example of why I sensed G-d calling me to this blog, Ancient Paths and Sacred Passages…translated: G-d’s Way is the Ancient Paths (Jer. 6:16), and Sacred Passages are the painful life moments that are rich in heavenly wisdom. The pain and the resulting transformation become so sacred to us. No […] Read more...

Divine Fluidity…an easy burden, a light yoke and a “can do” energy… Beloved as we were praying for you, it felt like you were trying to move mountains with your bare hands, by your own strength saying, “why is life so hard?” or that you were swimming against the current and saying “Life shouldn’t be […] Read more...

Beloved how heavy is the burden on our bodies to carry the weight of the lies that we believe about ourselves, about our lives, about our potential. The lies we are so deeply convinced of, etched within our hearts; and how the stress of these lies end up manifesting into painful relationships, or pain and […] Read more...

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